Crane’s Cove Series

 Book 1 – Love on the Edge


Lanie Owens has just survived a horrific attack by a stalker. Her grandfather, a retired army colonel, drives her to a resort in Maine where she can heal in peace while the authorities track down the man who almost killed her. To Lanie’s dismay, he hires a bodyguard to protect her. Lanie’s nightmares are debilitating, but giving up control of her life is unacceptable.

Army Ranger Matt Saunders knows all about nightmares. He’s spent the last year recovering from an injury he sustained during his last tour and the hellish events that caused it. Anxious to prove that he is fit to go back overseas, he accepts the bodyguard job. The resort is everything they imagined – tranquil, safe, and a place to heal. Gradually, they open up to each other and realize they have a lot in common – except their future plans. When a resort video goes viral, Lanie’s stalker knows just where to find her. Can they battle their personal demons in time to come together to fight the very real threat coming to destroy her?


In an Oyster Shell – An amazing romance that was perfect. I wish there was more like this one!
The Pearls – I love that this is a clean romance. Clean doesn’t mean there are not some sparks. It’s just handled well that makes for an intriguing read that makes me want to go back for more. I loved this romance and will continue to support this author in her continuation of the series.
The retreat that they find themselves at is sweet and makes for a great setting. I love the details the author puts in like the sassy mugs that have unforgettable sayings. The retreat center offers a lot of different activities that put characters in situations where they shine.
The characters made this story a page-turner. Lanie and Matt were both haunted and broken and how they help each other through their respective traumas made for a great story. I really liked this book!
The Sand –  It was near perfect!
5 Pearls!
After dealing with and surviving the traumatic events of a stalker, Lanie needs to get away to heal; physically and emotionally. When dealing with something traumatic like a scary stalker who attacks you, trying to kill you, the physical wounds heal with time but, the emotional wounds take time and work. This story may be triggering for some. I found this story to be captivating, sweet, emotional, telling, one of self-discovery, and a journey of healing. The writing was raw while staying tender, gentle, and real. This isn’t your typical Christian romance, which I was glad for since they tend to be a bit mushy and corny for my liking. I look forward to reading the rest of the series 🙂
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Book 2 – Love on the Rocks


Kat Daniels regrets the day she chose barrel racing over her fiancé. After a year of reckless choices that led to an incident she’d like to forget, she’s back in Crane’s Cove wondering how it all went wrong and trying to pick up the pieces. Easton Crane has loved Kat for as long as he can remember. But when she shows up after rejecting his proposal a year ago, he’s more confused than ever. After all, he’s already sacrificed six years of his life to care for her after her traumatic brain injury. If his proposal couldn’t keep her in town, what was it that brought her back? Was it him or was Kat hiding something? When a hurricane hits Crane’s Cove and threatens the life of Kat’s beloved horse, the two are faced with the challenge of working together to save her. Can they battle the storm of old memories and wounds to rebuild their love stronger than before?


Amazon Reviews

“I chose a 5 star rating because of how realistic the characters are. I could especially identify with Kat and her post TBI status, many of the things she went through(in the past during her rehab) or is currently going through I have also experienced. It is a very sweet story. Looking forward to the next book in the series!” Jamie


“BEST BOOK EVER. LOVED IT FROM COVER TO COVER. Love the clean romance that Kerry portrays and the love for God. Simply amazing can’t wait for the next. Loved that MeeMaw had such a big part in this one. I also loved Miss Tracy’s character can’t wait to see more of her in the future. Another amazing book Kerry. Thank you for an amazing series.” ElizeBeth


Love on the Rocks was absolutely delightful! It is the second book in the series, yet reads fine as a stand alone novel.

This story had all the feels! It was a second chance for two people who loved each other very much. I was so impressed with Easton and the continual love he had for Kat, who suffered the lasting effects of a traumatic brain injury. I learned so much about this condition as I read the book and it was very touching to see Kat struggle with the ups and downs of her condition.

Love on the Rocks delved into difficult topics, such as how to love someone who wasn’t always rational about things. It also touched on potential alcohol dependency. There was also some recreational drinking that was included in the storyline, for those who are sensitive to that topic.

The author did a beautiful job of weaving in God’s direction and love for us into this novel. I also loved these characters, both the main ones and the side characters. They quickly grew to feel like real people to me and I look forward to returning to this community in future books!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own. Britt98



Book 3 – Love on the Ice

Due out – summer 2019


Ginny Perdita has traded in her figure skating costumes for coaching at her home rink after a tragic accident took her sister and brother-in-law, orphaning her young niece and nephew. Thrown into instant parenthood and now unable to compete, she’s had to bury her Olympic dreams.

Alexei Kriz is starting over after his girlfriend refused to follow him to Colorado Springs to play hockey. Despite that, he’s thrilled to have been picked up for the Palmer City Voltage and plans to throw himself into the game and volunteer work with the Flying Stars, a youth team of special athletes who also call the rink home. There, he runs into Ginny – the one who got away.

It’s been years since Ginny and Alexei first connected back in Sochi. Still frosty that he never called her after the games, Ginny is wary of his intentions and affection for her and the three-year-old twins. Still, she can’t ignore the feelings that pull her to the Czech defenseman.

When they are assigned to work together for the Flying Stars program fundraiser, Ginny’s ice begins to melt as she watches him guide the young players and dote on the twins. Alexei vows to not let her get away forever this time. When she’s offered a high-level coaching job in New York, can he warm her heart for a second chance at love?

If you just can’t wait…

This story is part of the Thrill of the Heart anthology that was released in February 2019. If you would like to read Ginny & Alexei’s story now,



Short Stories & Anthologies


The Fisherman Nutcracker


There’s something fishy about this nutcracker…

There’s something fishy about this nutcracker… After Mellie and her friends discover a mysterious nutcracker in a bin of donations, they realize something is amiss. As objects fly out of purses and other mischievous activities occur, they wonder if the Nutcracker is more than it seems.

The quest for its rightful owner leads them to Old Man Wetherby, whose father went down with his crew in a legendary shipwreck off the coast of Crane’s Cove. The girls wonder if this is the same nutcracker from the old man’s stories.

In the spirit of Christmas, they visit him and ask him to recount the story. As it unfolds, the girls learn about an old family mystery. Can they solve it in time to bring Old Man Wetherby a Christmas miracle?


Amazon Reviews

“Old man Weatherby’s family has a very interesting history. I love the perspective of this story, unique and interesting! I loved hearing more of the back story of the residents of Cranes Cove.” bklvr

“Such a great short story! I LOVED it! Such vivid pictures you painted with your words ~ felt like I was really seeing them! The history that was included made me want to go the real places!” Carl

“This book was so good. It really tugged at my heart. I loved it. I can’t wait for my 12-year-old to read it. She will really love this.” Jannell


A Night at the Inn


Only the cat knows what really happened… 

Will Donovan has big plans on his last free weekend before he joins the FBI. With romance on his mind, he tells his girlfriend Emma she can pick anywhere she wants to go. To his dismay, his mystery-loving girlfriend chooses the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast. Not quite the romantic backdrop he had envisioned, but for Emma, he would go anywhere. Especially if it meant securing their future together before he leaves.

At the Inn, things are not what they seem. Late in the night, curious meowing wakens the guests. Perhaps Max, the resident cat, desires a midnight adventure? Fueled by the gruesome tale of Lizzie Borden and her parents’ mysterious deaths, they follow a trail of ever-distancing meowing to an ominous hole inside the basement wall.

Together with their quirky fellow guests from the third floor, can Will and Emma solve the mystery of what really happened back in August of 1892 before time runs out for Will’s big plan to win Emma’s heart for keeps?


Amazon Reviews

“Will Donovan has taken his girlfriend, Emma, to Fall River, MA. to celebrate her birthday. Fall River is the town made famous for being the hometown of Lizzie Borden and for the mystery surrounding the death of her dad and stepmom. While there, Will plans on proposing, he even has the ring in his pocket. He’s just waiting for the perfect time.
They’re staying at Lizzie Borden’s Bed & Breakfast, the actual home of the Borden family and where the murders happened. An Inn that is said to be haunted. That’s all I’m going to say about the story. I highly recommend you read this short story, it kept me enthralled and engaged.
I thoroughly enjoyed this short story about what “really” happened to Andrew and Abby Borden, Lizzie Borden’s dad and stepmom. The tale is vivid, the history used chilling, and the story easy to get lost in.
Ms. Evelyn is a new to me author and I can’t wait to read some more of her works.” Crystal

“What started out as an innocent love story morphed into the juicy details we all crave in murder mysteries! I was on the edge of my seat reading this, and like every Kerry Evelyn book I was left wanting to read more about this endearing couple! (If we’re lucky there will be a “continued” Christian Romance novel of these two!)” Jill

“I’m not usually a fan of scary stories, but this was so interesting with a hint of eeriness. It definitely makes me want to find out more about the history of the Lizzy Borden legend. And adding it to a romance story is just so clever! Another Kerry Evelyn hit!!” Rebecca



How I Met My Other (an anthology)



Learn about all the twists, turns, and fun of falling in love with this unforgettable true story anthology.

People find the warmth of love in Antarctica. An obsession with blondes lands the big one. Squashing a guitar case leads to a blanket fort date. A soldier works to snag a sassy WWII nurse. A revenge date gets serious. Spaghetti reels someone in and they never go home again. And much, much more!

Love can come at the most surprising times and in the most unexpected places. In this short story collection, fifteen authors share their incredible, heart-warming, and often hilarious true tales of how they met their other.


Amazon Reviews

“Who isn’t curious about how couples got together? You may think you have an idea, but their beginnings are often much more interesting than you imagine. I especially love Arielle Haughee and Fern Goodman’s stories with insight from both parties. John Hope’s tender story from WWII (his grandparents?) is writing on a whole new level. Love from the LBGQ angle was touching, as were so many stories from writers delving into experiences new to me. I am in awe of what these couples went through to reach their happy-ever-after. I finished this before Valentine’s Day, but I’ll consider it an early Valentine.” Beda


“While I’m an avid reader of romance novels and admit I’m a Hallmark movie junkie, I’m so happy this book was recommended to me or I might have passed it by. Reading about the romance of romance is an alluring way to pass the time and I was delighted to feel the same way as I read about the real-life romances of those featured in this book.

I loved how the individual stories spanned different decades, generations, occupations, locations and lifestyles. Each story is unique. Even though you knew it had a happy ending you could feel yourself rooting for the two to get together. The unexpected surprise was being able to jump to the Orange Blossoms website at the end of each story to see an update and picture of the couples featured. Such a great way to continue the connection you feel with the couples you just read about.

It’s easy to forget how beautiful, crazy, awkward and exasperating new love can be. So many times I thought about how I “Met My Other”. Our first date, impression and our lives since. It’s a nice reminder with still a “new” marriage of 6 years and Valentine’s Day coming up. With the busyness of our daily life (work, kids, household) we can sometimes forget the beauty and magic of the love that drew us together. Each story allows you to travel to a different time or place. How it is when parents don’t approve or you have preconceived notions of how a relationship or person should be.

I highly recommend this book as a sweet read for yourself or a loved one.” Harrell


It Was Always You: Thrill of the Heart Anthology

(Includes Love on the Ice – Crane’s Cove Book 3)


~When the one you hate is the one you love, things can get a little complicated.
Love and Hate are often opposite sides of the same coin and sometimes, it can be hard to find your way to love.
We all have a tendency to ignore our feelings until someone walks into our lives and makes us crazy.
What happens when the person you think you don’t want anything to do with, is the very person you want to spend the rest of your life with?
That’s when you discover It Was Always You.

Each story in this anthology will remind you: things are never what they seem and love can be found in the darnedest places.

Thrill of the Heart is a series of stories set in an anthology playing with different romance tropes in the vein of Hallmark Romance. So, if you love a Happily Ever After, this story is for you.